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Together We Can Change How The World Works

So few of us were trained for the constant hurdles we face at work, especially given recent times. Whether we’re first-time leaders, tenured managers facing new conditions, internal change agents, external service providers, or organizational designers, the path forward is too often unclear and isolating.

NOBL Slack communities are designed to provide both ongoing education and peer-to-peer support for people facing new leaps and novel challenges in their career. Together, we can provide the tools and guidance to make change possible.

Our communities are supported by our full-time NOBL members, who have served more than one-hundred clients since our founding in 2014, including Fortune 100s and startup darlings.

Benefits of Membership

In addition to peer connection, you’ll have access to NOBL team members and our ongoing exploration at the edges of the futures of work.

  • Daily: we’ll share links of interest that are feeding and educating our teams
  • Bi-weekly: we’ll host a group discussion and brainstorm against your and our own timely challenges related to both internal or anonymized client challenges
  • Monthly: we’ll host a sense-making session to gather and share insights across our communities and discuss collective implications
  • For in-house partners: membership comes with a 5% discount off NOBL’s services
  • For fellow consultants: membership comes with a 5% referral fee for work referred to NOBL in the first year of the relationship and first notice when new roles and opportunities open up on our team or with our clients
  • For all members: first dibs and early access to NOBL events, coaching programs, and our leadership retreats

Find Your Community

Our aim is to create the best possible experience for our community members, which means focused, managed, and exclusive communities. Choose the community which best represents your field and area of practice.

For Fellow Consultants

Join a community of organizational designers, change management consultants, coaches, diversity and inclusion facilitators, and other external partners as we help one another solve the most wicked of anonymized client problems and elicit feedback on our new models and ideas for the work.

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For In-House Partners

Learn from other in-house folks, including executives, team leaders, and HR and organizational development professionals to increase your ability to make meaningful change within your own organization and to commiserate when the road forward gets bumpy.

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Our team will review your application once submitted. Approved applicants will be charged an annual fee of $199 USD before joining.

If you are a member of an underrepresented community or are finding it hard to make ends meet (because you work for a non-profit, are between roles, or something similar) apply for a scholarship here

Please Review Our Code of Conduct

Community members are expected to follow a simple set of rules. If you fail to participate in good faith, you’ll get one kind and generous warning. However, there will be no second warning. Your account will be deactivated, without refund.

  1. Generously amplify positive contributions. Be liberal with high-fives, up-high or down-low.
  2. Follow the Chatham House Rule. Community members are free to use the information they learn in their community, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed without their approval.
  3. Don’t solicit or spam. Demonstrate your value through positive community contributions, not direct selling.
  4. Be respectful of others. Follow the platinum rule: treat others as they want to be treated, which means we encourage you to build a relationship with someone to better understand them before diving headlong into active debate and dissent.
  5. Respectfully ask people to stop if you are bothered. Use your voice and ask for what you need, even if that includes being left alone.
  6. If you can’t resolve an issue, contact us. We will hop in, assess the situation, make a call, and explain our process transparently.