A Simple Diagram to Determine, “Should This Be a Meeting?”

Reduce workload and bring better work-life balance by evaluating what decisions require meetings and what can be resolved by email

Let’s be frank: this may be an intense week.

To the extent possible, create space for your employees: that is, give them the time they need to take care of themselves and process the outcome of the election by reducing their workload. In the “virtual office” that many of us currently work in, the biggest percentage of everyone’s schedule is made up of Zoom meetings—which is why we’ve put together a simple guide to help answer the perennial question: should this be a meeting?

Need more ideas for dealing with election aftermath in the office? Try prepping any communications in advance; not discouraging political discussions, reminding everyone about your company’s core values, and thinking about how your organization can take action to create an equitable work environment. Take care, and go vote!

Published November 1, 2020

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